What Makes Us Unique.

About Cicerchi Development Company, LLC

Cicerchi Development Company is not just a management company. We own each one of the properties we manage. Therefore, we take great pride in what we have to offer. We are constantly looking to improve our buildings and our service to create the best possible experience for our tenants. We work under the understanding that successful operations begin and end with satisfied, quality tenants.

Rich Cicerchi started Cicerchi Development Company back in 1978. Rich has always had a love for real estate and decided to commit to the company full time in 1998. Since then, the company has grown to include many apartment buildings around the Cleveland area. During the part-time years, outside employment was a requirement but during those formative years, values were developed that now are a core part of Cicerchi Development Company, LLC. 

Today, the principles of Cicerchi Development Company, LLC are the following: 

    • Successful operations begin and end with satisfied, quality tenants 
    • The “latest and greatest” features are an integral part of high quality suites 
    • Responsive service will assure maximum tenant satisfaction and stress-free living 
  • Tenant comments and suggestions to improve properties, add value and enhance livability are not only welcomed but encouraged 

Meet The Team

Rich Final (2)

Rich Cicerchi: President and CEO

“You have always loved real estate development. Why not go full time”?  Good advice which Rich finally acted on in 1998.  Until then, real estate activity was a part-time effort, from the first acquisition in 1978.

During the part-time years, outside employment was a requirement but during those formative years, values were developed that now are a core part of Cicerchi Development Company, LLC.

Quality products and excellent service is an all-the-time attitude. These attitudes were developed with companies such as Xerox and Deltak, high flying technology companies, number one in their fields.  During a 25 year steady increase in responsibility, Rich developed skills in sales, client services and executive management that serve the company well today.

Operating on these principles wasn’t always clear.  The concern over new debt, a questionable first purchase and being busy working to raise a family made Rich cautious about the additional investment needed to improve the property.  Would quality tenants come?  Would it pay?  Would income increase enough to reduce the mortgage and operate a quality property?

Answers would come … slowly but surely. Today, as stated above, the founding principles of Cicerchi Development Company, LLC have molded who we are as a company.

Rich holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from John Carroll University.


Pat Cicerchi: Vice President and Head of Project Operations

Arguably the most multi-talented member of our team, Pat contributes a great deal to the tenants of Cicerchi Development Company, LLC (CDC).

Pat comes to CDC after having studied Business and Information Technology at Cleveland State University.  He proudly holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from the Nance School of Business of Cleveland State University.  Because of his technology background Pat manages our office systems, which heavily rely on technology to be responsive to our valued tenants.

What is his main responsibility at Cicerchi Development Company, LLC?  The answer is in his title.  As Vice President, Project Operations, Pat heads up all phases of construction when we develop or redevelop one of our properties.  He manages resources, employees and subcontractors as he works from a project design.  Almost overlooked, but yet another talent of Pat’s is his ability to create computer-aided designs (CAD) before a project begins.  Such in-house expertise saves time and money but also allows easy input from everyone involved in the planning process. This approach assures maximum creativity of CDC developments and also creates team building.

Pat’s versatility and leadership comes naturally but it was enhanced and tested during his 4 years in the United States Marine Corp.  After boot camp, he shipped out to Okinawa, Japan for a one year assignment, experiencing diversity in people, places and customs.  He was then assigned to the presidential helicopter squadron (HMX-1) in Quantico Virginia after earning a “white” security clearance, the highest achievable in his position.  Pat was soon elevated to Supervisor of his ground support team.

Katie - 1

Katie Kichka: CFO

Katie initially experienced CDC as a tenant for 2 years before joining the organization. With a BS Degree in Accounting she was a natural fit for an organization in growth mode.  The formal training aside, Katie has a rich background almost scripted to prepare her for today’s needs of CDC:  Supervisory position in retail;  Assistant Branch Manager for a bank, Client Support Representative at Defense Finance and Accounting Services for the US Department of Defense and Client Technical Support for a technology company.

Since joining CDC, Katie has improved everything that can be measured:  The financials of projects are predictable;  Month-end reports are tools available for the management team to improve business operations;  Rental occupancy rate has been maximized;  CDC Tenant Response System has been perfected.

Katie holds a B.S. degree in Accounting from Ferris State University.